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The Badge


copy & branding concepts


The Badge Works (Patrick Australia Ltd) is a promotional badge manufacturer that's been operating in Melbourne CBD since the early 1940s. They started out producing badges during WW2, both for and against the war. They have produced badges for almost every major political party and campaign since then, with some of their badges featured in the Melbourne Museum.


Despite all this, they were pretty much a one-man show and were struggling to stay relevant in the digital age. Much smaller competitors had a significantly better digital presence. Their huge antique factory is still in operation, and was completely out of the public eye and with no representation besides a very basic and generic website under their trading name. 


Branding concept, art and copy direction, photography and video direction, social media and digital  strategy.


Patrick Australia approached me while I was working at Silver Lane Studio to help them with the direction and copy for their new badge ordering website. The new site was to allow customers to place orders for a range of different promotional badge types, and upload custom artwork directly. I worked closely with the client and found an old operating name they no longer used but still had the copyright for while taking a tour of the factory."The Badge Works" served a much better fit the cool old industrial aesthetic of their South Melbourne factory.  

I suggested a full rebranding and art concept for the new website, including a HTML5 montage-style header video that I directed onsite with out graphic designer, as well as writing all new web copy. The branding and website project carried over to a full blown social media campaign that Silver Lane rolled out. The client eventually asked us to pull back on the campaign as it was so successful they couldn't keep up on the volume of orders coming in! 

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