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Breaks with benefits


Created and operated by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC),The Food Justice Truck is social enterprise and mobile fresh food market that welcomes all shoppers and a provides a 60% discount for people seeking asylum. The produce they sell at full price helps subsidise the losses they make at selling it to communities with high asylum seeker populations.

The Food Justice Truck took part in the 2017 edition of Good For Nothing, a movement of collaborative "hackathon" style events held globally that consists of “10 hours of turbo-charged hacking, making & doing“ for professional creatives. 


Breaks With Benefits - Copywriting / ​Social Campaign 


Our task: develop a campaign with a killer strategy and really clever content that will increase engagement and work towards the Food Justice Truck becoming a sustainable social enterprise.

My full article summarising what happened on the day can be found on Linkedin.

I teamed with graphic designer and illustartor Lee Porter to come up with the design and copy for a campaign aimed getting office workers in the city to come buy some groceries in their break for a good cause. The concept we came up with was called "Break With Benefits".


The idea: get Melbourne office workers to use their lunch break for good!

As well as creating assets for a social media campaign I set up a lead page for corporate teams to sign up and make a commitment to buy groceries.


Part of our creative strategy involved an offline component. We made posters to be hung up in office breakrooms and toilet cubicals. These were a bit cheeky, looking to get attention and rally support for the initiative. 

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