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Geometry Global for GORE-TEX


A new lease on life for the GORE-TEX Brand Training Platform. 

Working with the UX team at Geometry Global, I was tasked with learning everything there is to learn about weather resistant stretched polytetrafluoroethylene (do I sound smart yet?)

The various GORE-TEX textiles are an intricate textile technology with many different applications for adventure seekers. These great selling points were hidden in a library of boring, lengthy PDF technical manuals.


In order to make this information available and accessible for retailers, I indexed each of these manuals, pulling out the pertinent information in order to write engaging training copy for outdoor retail sales staff.

The end result is a hub of GORE-TEX information that salespeople can access on the fly, on the floor, in order to easily sell the benefits of products featuring premium GORE-TEX technology.

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