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Franchisee Campaign


The Jim's Group is one of Australia's most well known groups of companies. Consisting of different divisions, from Jim's Mowing, to Security, to Interior Design. Each division operates as a network of franchisees who have allotted territories where they are given leads for their area as they come through the Jim's head office. 


Franchisee Campaign - Copywriting / ​Creative

While working at Dando I led a content and SEO campaign for Jim's Dog Wash. The Dog Wash franchise had a problem unique of any of the other diversions - they were oversubscribed with client leads. There's a lot of dirty dogs in Australia it turns out.


What this meant is that they needed a dedicated push to get more franchisees to buy into a Jim's Dog Wash business. 

As well as helping on the digital side of things, we pitched several big idea concepts for social media and experimental advertising campaigns. I was heavily involved in the ideation of these concepts, particular the two below. 

Tv spot

Jim’s Dog Wash - TOO MANY LEADS

Go-to-Market Story:
Jim’s is the leader in building a client base for its franchisees. Jim’s franchisees have nothing to worry about as far as leads are concerned.

A short video meant for funneling potential franchisees to Jim's Dog Wash information evenings over social media, or as a TV spot. 

Experiential Marketing Event


Go-to-Market Story
Jim’s Dog Wash sponsors a publicised “Tough Mudder style event” for dogs. A two tier experiential marketing experiment, creating public interest in Jim’s Dog Wash, and viral 
content before and after the event.
What and Where:
Franchisee Outreach - Experiential Grassroots Outdoor Marketing Event in Australian cities.
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