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Maddie Riewoldt's Vison

Art of Football


Following the tragic death of Maddie Riewoldt on 24th February, 2015, Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision was founded by the Riewoldt family with the aim of raising funds to #fightlikemaddie and find new treatments, and ultimately a cure for Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome (BMFS).  
While working for One Small Step, I provided copywriting, marketing and content support for MRV. My work for them included ideation of social media content, copywriting for their blog and other assets, and helping to execute fundraising efforts. 


The Art of Football - exhibition catalogue and bios
The Riewoldts are royalty in the world of AFL (Australian Football League) due to Maddie's brothers, Nick and Alex, being top footballers. The Art of Football was a unique and unexpected exhibition in Melbourne that paired up two worlds that rarely meet, art and football. Eleven high-profile AFL footballers were paired with eleven unique Australian artists to interprete the athletes personal "fight" and "inspiration" on a painted football.
As well as assisting with the social media for the event, I wrote all copy for the exhibition catalogue, detailing the stories of the footballers, artists and describing the balls themselves. This was used to publicise the exhibition and proceeding club auctions. 
The result was an amazing $15,230 raised through the auction of the footballs. The catalogue is viewable below. 
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