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ŠKODA UK relaunch


Tribal DDB London for ŠKODA UK


Digital Content 

I was brought on as Senior Copywriter to oversee all brand content and craft the new and revised web copy for ŠKODA's new website, which was migrating to a simplified CMS. 

173 pages of content needed to be edited, updated, rewritten, and migrated. Along with new pages added for upcoming car models. 

While the new CMS restrictions presented some unique challenges, it afforded me an opportunity to markedly improve the brand copy and inject a consistent ŠKODA TOV. 

At the completion of the project, I supplied Tribal and ŠKODA with a new style guide which was adopted by the internal content team.


“Brodie joined the Tribal team to help with the CMS migration of the ŠKODA UK website. The new content requirements were pretty challenging, we lost half of the modules we had available in the previous CMS. Brodie’s contribution was crucial to the project, he worked closely with content managers and designers to write fresh new copy for the key pages of the website.

The ŠKODA team was impressed by the delivery. As a project manager, Brodie is a delight to work with! He’s talented, knowledgeable and very efficient. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

- Camille Tapia, Project Manager at Tribal Worldwide DDB

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